Rula Kanawati's work is her passion and her passion is behind the lens of every photograph she takes. She has been recognized and featured in various forms of media-handling Creative Management for Lori Michaels Productions- (Recording Artist Lori Michaels, LMP Records, LORIMIC Music Publishing, The ViiBE Dance Center, and the noteworthy, charitable organization: Reach Out, Inc.) .

Rula's "reach" has expanded far beyond the aforementioned, as she continues to showcase her extensive skills of photography, pre and post production and the creative development of live mega-events for dance, music, fitness & fashion/beauty/glamour photography-for the hottest celebrities of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

In all of her photographs, Rula Kanawati’s passion can be felt & experienced. She is much more than just a photographer, but a real artist- whose sincere desire is to truly capture her subjects in their authentic form, to evoke the purest and strongest emotions from all who view her work. She is a game-changer and constantly challenges herself by producing amazing visuals. Rula goes above and beyond just “getting the shot” - grabbing captivating moments on film. She has become a highly sought after addition to red carpets, high profile events, and parties everywhere - working worldwide with top reputable photo agencies.

For bookings and pricing please contact Rula Kanawati's team at rulak_photography@hotmail.com